The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines to players and parents regarding fundraising for Empire Water Polo teams. This policy applies to all Spring and Summer Season Empire Water Polo athletes. Each athlete of Empire Water Polo Academy is required to raise a minimum of $300 to cover local tournament fees, pool fees, and coaching fees.

Empire Water Polo Academy holds one yearly fundraiser to help subsidize the cost of water polo for our families and athletes. Because of this we are able to keep our monthly payments extremely low for the level of facilities, coaching, and number of tournaments that we provide. To keep the cost low for everybody we have a minimum fundraising limit for each athlete in our High School Spring and Summer Season. If athletes are unable to raise the $300 in our annual fundraiser then they will be responsible for the remainder of the $300.

Every Athlete that signs up for our High School Spring and Summer Season will be required to raise $300.

Fundraising is a necessary part of any youth competitive sports organization. In order for our club to remain vital, pay tournament entry fees, and offer financial support to our athletes, fundraiser participation is a necessity for each family. Money collected through fundraising and fees are used for many purposes (seen and unseen) over the course of a competitive year.

Empire Water Polo Academy works hard to keep athlete fees low and offset those low fees with fundraising efforts. Please keep in mind all of the often “unseen, behind the scenes” expenses when considering your level of commitment to fundraising. Your help is a necessity to continue this outstanding program, therefore, each athlete is asked to participate in the Empire Water Polo Fitness Challenge each year or give an In-lieu-of Donation.

Empire Water Polo Academy offers an “opt-out” fundraising option for those who may be too busy or overburdened with several organizations to fundraise for. The “opt-out” fundraising option allows families to still support the organization by paying their fair share of the expenses and allows us to meet our commitments.

If this sounds like the right choice for you, Empire Water Polo Academy is offering a yearly In-lieu-of contribution of $300 per child. This in-lieu-of takes the place of your child participating in the fundraising portion of the Fitness Challenge. In-lieu-of donations to Empire Water Polo Academy are tax deductible.

Fundraising not for you? Opt-out of our fundraisers and still contribute. In-lieu-of Donations to Empire Water Polo Academy are tax deductible. Includes Fitness Challenge prizes to the $300 level.

Fundraising Opt-Out Option $300.00 payments due by 6/1/17

I understand that participation in Empire Water Polo Academy requires that I fundraise $300 to cover my portion of the tournament entry fees for my team. If I have not raised $300 by the end of the 2017 Fitness Challenge, I will pay the balance owed in full.