Fitness Challenge Fundraiser

It’s time for our annual Fitness Challenge Fundraiser! What is the The Fitness Challenge you ask? The Fitness Challenge is a fun and rewarding circuit style obstacle course held in the pool. Not only that, it is our only yearly fundraiser and a way that our kids can raise money for their tournament fees and the Junior Olympics! Our goal this year is to raise $25,000!!! We will need 100% participation in order to raise the funds needed for Empire Water Polo Academy to continue into the future.

Fitness Challenge Donation List


Why Fundraise?

Empire Water Polo Academy only wants the best for our athletes as well as the program! 100% of funds raised goes to game and tournament fee's.


Pay for tournament fees

Earn mopney toward travel tournaments

Go to the Junior Olympics

Fitness Challenge

The fitness challenge will take place on Thursday May 23rd. It will be a circuit-style obstacle course held in and out of the pool. The athletes can collect pledges per circuit for up 10 circuits. They can complete more circuits if they can/want, but can only collect pledges for the first 10.


Fitness Challenge - May 23rd

10 Laps maximum

Fundraiser deadline May 31st


How to get donations

Donations are allowed to come from anywhere. The best places to ask are family, friends, local business, Dentists, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Insurance agents, Chiropractors, Realtors, and friends. All donations will be tracked per athlete towards their fundraiser account. There are multiple ways to collect donations

Where to get donations

In Person

Donation Letters

Online / Social Media / Email

Plant Sale

Collect Donations

It has never been easier to collect donations with the connected world we live in today. There are many ways to connect with people and reach out to them for their support. These are the most popular.

In Person

This is a great way to get to donations, especially from your neighbors, local businesses, and parents’ co-workers. Many business owners are look for tax-deductions, donating to Empire is 100% tax deductible.

Donation Letters

Every athlete will be provided with donation letters to send to their potential donors. This is a great way to capture any friends or family who don’t live in the area. The letter can also be downloaded from our website.


Send people directly to our website through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Email

Donation Success Tips

Start collecting addresses now! The key to success is getting as many letters and emails sent out as possible. You can get more supplies from Holly or on the website. Parents can help athletes too! Help them find names and addresses and emails of people and businesses for their letter writing campaign. Take your athletes packet to work and ask your co-workers to pitch in. It’s good for their taxes and a great cause that makes a local impact!

Send a Thank You

Please send a thank you note or email to your sponsor! We would not be able to play water polo if it were not for the generosity of your family, friends and community. They went out of their way to donate and we are very grateful for their time and consideration. A personalized thank you is best!